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Qua | 21.10.15

Como fazer natas na Bimby

Sara Isidoro
Thermomix CreamCopyright Janie Turner 2005 thing I like most about this recipe is that we can always have fresh cream in a few minutes.  It's easy to keep unsalted butter on hand in the fridge or freezer.Ingredients250 gm unsalted butter250 gm milk (full cream or semi-skimmed)MethodWeigh butter in pieces and milk into the Thermomix bowl.  Cook 3 minutes/ 90C/ Speed 1.  Blend 30 seconds/ Speed 8.  This emulsifies the butterfat back into the warmed milk and makes a perfectly delicious cream.  Chill in the fridge 4 hours to use as pouring or spooning cream.  Chill in the fridge 8 hours or more to be able to whip the cream.Chef's TipsChef's Tip:  If you are in a hurry or are making this lovely cream because you have suddenly run out and you need whipped cream for a recipe, don't worry - there is a quicker method to chill your cream (if you don't have a blast chiller):  Pour the warm Thermomix cream into a flat plastic box and place it into a larger plastic box filled with ice cubes or crushed ice.  Adding salt to the ice will make it chill the cream even faster.



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